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Professional DPF Cleaning for London and the South East

Get your DPF cleaned over night

A blocked DPF not only destroys performance and efficiency – it could permanently damage your engine.

Vortex professionally deep-cleans your DPF, using only heat and air.

Keep that OE Standard!

  • Fast turnaround – next day service

  • No chemicals to attack structure
  • Won’t cook your engine
  • Visual proof – see the difference!

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How our DPF Cleaning process works…

Order online or call (01375) 888 429

Remove the DPF, package it carefully and courier it to Vortex

We check the DPF for damage before cleaning and take a photo

The DPF is baked at up to 900 ºC for up to 12 hours

We open the DPF, air blast it clean and take a photo once it’s done

We thoroughly inspect the DPF, using UV light to check for damage

We weld it closed, clean it, package it and return to you via courier

Why clean your DPF?

The Diesel Particulate Filter is in the exhaust system of all diesel-powered cars, vans, LGVs and HGVs. It is a vital component that is designed to enable cars to pass increasingly tough emissions legislation. The DPF’s job is to trap particles that are caused by the compression-ignition combustion process and thereby prevent harmful smoke (and emissions) being pumped into the atmosphere.

As with any filter, the DPF will gradually get clogged with the soot that it traps. This decreases the flow of exhaust gasses from the engine, decreases engine efficiency and increases engine strain, eventually leading to damage in engine components. By cleaning the DPF, you can ensure the unblocked flow of exhaust gasses and maintain engine efficiency.